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por | junio 30, 2021
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Ministry of education

In order for the digital certificates of the courses you have taken on the Mecapacito Platform to be displayed, you must complete the “Teaching Portfolio Update” process, following the tutorial presented on the platform: https://youtu.be/AzHK7wqF4Kc. With this record, the National Directorate of Continuing Education uploads certificates on a weekly basis so that they can be downloaded.
Due to the constant updating of certificates, the system sets a future date for the completion of the upload, however, the National Directorate of Continuing Education keeps a detailed record of the exact start and end dates of courses, which are the same as those shown on each certificate delivered.
In the event that you have not entered or completed the course on the established dates, you will have a second opportunity to enroll and complete the course in the next promotion. If the course is not completed the second time, it will be automatically recorded in your teaching portfolio as “failed”.

Certificate me capacito 2017 | tutorial for

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP) publishes the ‘Statistics of Subsequent Educational Follow-up of Vocational Training Graduates’, with data from the autonomous communities.
The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, has participated today in the G20 Education meeting, in which the measures implemented during the pandemic and the promotion of equity have been addressed.
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presided over the tribute to teachers, students and families together with the Ministers of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, and Health, Carolina Darias.

Teacher registration

Below are the steps on how to access the teacher training courses on the MECAPACITO platform: Teacher training courses MECAPACITO Ecuador What types of courses does the MECAPACITO platform have? In each of the courses shown you will find different modules available for the teacher. On the other hand, as more modules or courses are presented they will be added, with the purpose of providing the professional in education with the tools and knowledge, to be able to offer a quality education to the young students.

Updating of the teachers’ portfolio (training courses)

The Ministry of Education offers 5 general courses and 8 specialty courses to teachers belonging to the fiscal teaching profession. Those interested in learning about the new curricular proposal can access these courses through the virtual platform mecapacito.educacion.gob.ec.
– Upon completion of the courses, the teacher will receive a certificate for having passed the hours of professional updating, this document will be valid for the process of recategorization or promotion.
The teacher training courses are open and online, they do not have tutors so the registered teacher can solve them autonomously using the material he/she believes necessary to overcome them and to be able to move on to the next one until finishing with all the chosen ones.