Https // outlook web app

Https // outlook web app

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The Ministry of Education of Ecuador has a renewed web platform that allows the teachers of the Fiscal sector to keep informed and in communication with the ministry as well as to access different platforms of training or permanent evaluation for the improvement of the quality of education.
I’m sorry but I can’t log in to the platform. I get to know how to solve this problem and how to move forward because it prevents me from entering the platform.
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Through this article you will know the mail.educació which is the institutional email of the Ministry of Education being an indispensable tool for employees of this entity.
You should know that this is delivered to each educator who works in educational institutions and through this email you can log in to the Ministry of Education of the Ecuadorian nation.
With the intention that you can access the institutional mail you must download Outlook app on your mobile technology devices. Either smartphone or tablet. You can even access through the computer browser.

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This is one of the requirements set forth in the Ministry of Education’s Information Security Policy Regulations. It is recommended to open the Ministry of Education’s institutional Outlook e-mail once a day in order to be informed of new news. Questions that teachers always ask themselves How to access the institutional e-mail? To access the institutional email you must download the Outlook app or from the browser of your electronic device. How to open the institutional email? To open your email from the Ministry of Education you must enter https://correo.educacion. and you will be able to log in. OTHER TOPICS Provisional driving license for minors

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When you open Outlook Web App, the inbox is the first one that appears. The inbox is the place where incoming messages are sent, and where you will probably spend the most time reading and responding to messages.
When you open mail, you can get a quick view of your standard and custom folders, a list of received messages, and a reading pane that lets you quickly review the contents of any message you choose.
If you have not yet created a signature, see Create and add an e-mail signature in Outlook Web App. You can choose to manually add the signature or automatically add it to all messages or to individual messages.
When you delete a message, it is sent to the Deleted Items folder. Messages in the Deleted Items folder may be permanently deleted by an automated policy set by your organization administrator if you select them in the folder and delete them, or if you empty the Deleted Items folder. For information about how to recover deleted messages, see Recover Deleted Items or an e-mail message in Outlook Web App.

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