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These modules are an excellent study tool, since besides being very colorful and didactic, they try to comply to the maximum with the curriculum. They also have many methodological suggestions that will help teachers in their educational tasks.
Due to the new study modality adopted by the Ministry of Education for the Costa – Galapagos 2020-2021 regime, which is characterized by the non-presential nature, it has been decided to offer modules virtually and totally free of charge through the official web portal, thus providing new complementary and support material suitable for this study modality.
In this sublevel we will find pedagogical modules of the subjects English, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies and Natural Sciences. Second, third and fourth grade of elementary school belong to this sub-level.
In this sub-level we will find pedagogical modules in the subjects of English, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies and Natural Sciences. Eighth, ninth and tenth grade belong to this sub-level.

Orientations for the formative leveling

Social services provided during school closuresSince March 17, schools have been closed by order of the Ministry of Education, and there are no plans to open them for the provision of social services or other activities.
Strategies for educational continuityIn addition to the platform with educational resources for the educational reinforcement of students at all levels, MINEDUC has developed academic training spaces through traditional media (TV and radio), which are presented at specific times in different media nationwide.
In radio stations, transmissions are presented from Monday to Sunday in rotating transmission schedules (6 am to 9 am – 12 pm to 3 pm – 6 pm to 9 pm). It is presented 1 hour daily distributed in 3 segments of 20 minutes:
For the case of 3rd High School, the use of a specific platform is presented, in which students will enter virtual classrooms with five subjects: Mathematics and Physics, Biology and Chemistry, Social Sciences, Language and Literature and Grade Exam. For each subject they will find weekly activities such as forums, readings, video tutorials, homework and quizzes. Also, a connectivity schedule has been defined for students and teachers, in order to improve communication and adequately monitor academic development.

Resources 2: how to access ministry materials

07/04/2021 The student pedagogical worksheets are tools for each student to develop their technical skills more independently, with the support of their teachers. The cards focus on the development of procedures in order to achieve the competencies.
In order to provide tools to the teaching staff of the Technical Baccalaureate, an instructional video on planning and elaboration of student pedagogical worksheets has been developed, complemented by a writing and proofreading manual.
This instructional video is a guide for Technical Baccalaureate teachers, so that they can prepare pedagogical worksheets. It consists of two presentations, which describe the procedure in detail. These virtual conferences were developed by specialists Eduardo Ramírez and Endel Pernía. In order to prepare the student pedagogical cards, it is necessary to review the contents of both presentations and, thus, understand the steps to complete them properly.

Updating of the teaching portfolio (training courses)

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP) publishes the ‘Statistics on Subsequent Educational Follow-up of Vocational Training Graduates’, with data from the autonomous communities.
The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, has participated today in the G20 Education meeting, in which the measures implemented during the pandemic and the promotion of equity have been addressed.
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presided over the tribute to teachers, students and families together with the Ministers of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, and Health, Carolina Darias.

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