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The institutions that provide certification services to individuals may request technical advice for the technical audit processes carried out by SETEC to verify compliance with the parameters established for the operation of these establishments, by phone, in person or by e-mail…
The service is online through the website of the Ministry of National Defense: , however, the user may access in person at the General Secretariat of the Ministry of National Defense to request technical advice…
The citizen may access this service through the online web application (, in which he/she may visualize the type of document required such as:…
Users may request payment facilities for: foreign trade taxes for the importation of capital goods; foreign trade taxes, interest and surcharges determined in a subsequent control; debts due to coercive processes and fines. The facility may be granted for a maximum of 24 months and provided that the user pays at least 20% of the debt as an initial the case of payment facilities for capital goods….

Virtual civil registry agency

The purpose of the procedure is for Ecuadorian persons who request the issuance of an ID card for the first time or renewal, once they have complied with the necessary requirements and requisites.
The purpose of the procedure is for those vulnerable people, who cannot go by their own means to the different Agencies at national level of the Civil Registry and require to obtain for the first time or renew the identity card, in these cases can be accessed through the use of mobile brigades, the same that can be requested by the user or their representatives in any agency of the institution nationwide, in person or by phone.
Administrative act by which an identical copy of the birth, marriage and death certificate that is on file at the Civil Registry is issued. The document is issued in Ecuador and delivered through the Consular Offices of Ecuador. If the full copy of the birth, marriage or death certificate was issued before January 1, 2014, the process takes 24 hours.            …

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This procedure can be carried out online in the online services platform of the Civil Registry of Ecuador. Below you will find all the details of the procedure, hoping to clear all your doubts on the subject. Duplicate identity card Who can obtain a duplicate identity card?
This procedure to obtain a duplicate identity card is aimed at Ecuadorian citizens and is available on the virtual agency platform; in which the data of affiliation and biometrics (photo, fingerprint and signature) will be kept. Who cannot request a duplicate identity card? This procedure is except for the following cases: In addition to other aspects in which the applicant’s information cannot be validated. Requirements to obtain a duplicate identity card The following are the requirements to obtain a duplicate identity card: If you do not have a user you can do it by entering the following link but it can only be done once through this link and for this you will need the following information: Steps on how to obtain a duplicate of the identity card

Request the fingerprint code for access to the virtual agency.

This procedure can be performed by all Ecuadorian citizens who require the issuance of a duplicate Identity Card, as long as it does not involve the updating of affiliation and biometric data.
The user can access the service of Express Duplicate of the Identity Card, for this purpose, it is not required to create a user in the platform of the Virtual Agency of the Civil Registry; it is required to enter through the following link; the request of the service by this means, is done only once.
The withdrawal of the duplicate identity card is done in person at the authorized agencies, by means of a fingerprint validation (National Biometric System of Citizen Identification). It is not feasible for the document to be withdrawn by a third party.
For example: if your Identity Card is valid until January 23, 2021 and you requested a duplicate, the document you will obtain at the end of the process will have that expiration date.