Primax comercial del ecuador

Primax comercial del ecuador

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On July 23, gasoline marketer Primax presented its strategic alliance to distribute Shell and Pennzoil brand lubricants in the country. Primax’s manager explains the growth plans and investments programmed in Ecuador.
Will you sell these lubricants through Primax gas stations? Yes, but we will also do it through other channels such as distributors, lubricators and direct distribution channels to our industrial customers.
What position do both brands have in the national market? The Ecuadorian lubricant market is very dispersed. There are about 55 brands. We have a very broad portfolio to compete both in vehicles and in industry. In addition, we have the advantage of the service stations where the Shell brand will be positioned.
How many stations does Primax have? We have 186 stations. In the gasoline market, we are in second place in terms of market share. If we add diesel, we are third, very close to second place. But we are always at the forefront with new products.

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Its “Friction Modifier” technology prevents piston wear, thus reducing friction and saving fuel consumption. A highly differentiating product with excellent benefits.
The LISTO! stores are another of PRIMAX’s great differentiators, since they are the largest convenience store network in the country. With a modern and attractive image, it offers its customers a wide variety of products: snacks, beverages, fruits, candies, among others; in addition to a delicious fast food offer through Listo! Gourmet. Not to mention additional services such as Wi-Fi, satellite TV, ATMs, etc., and the presence of its partners Sweet & Coffee and Naturissimo.
PRIMAX currently has more than 50 Listo! stores nationwide, which are constantly being remodeled, creating a comfortable and modern environment for all its customers. This dynamic of remodeling Listo! stores continues throughout the country to maintain a fresh and comprehensive image, as well as the openings of its new stand alone formats (Store outside EESS).

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The Prizes DO NOT include: Any tax, fee or contribution to be paid, in accordance with Ecuadorian legislation, and likewise, any expenses to be incurred for property transfer taxes, registration, etc, and/or any sum of money to be paid to the State, state corporations, provinces or municipalities due to the fact of the offer, The Winners shall be exclusively responsible for any expenses incurred by the Winners for any concept related to the present promotion, as well as any other service or good not expressly detailed in the present rules, which, if any, shall be paid by the Winners.
Prizes may be redeemed or exchanged within 30 days from the date on which the winner has presented himself/herself to claim the prize. Prizes are not redeemable for any other product or service, nor for cash, and are not cumulative among themselves or with other discounts, benefits and/or

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The Chilean state-owned company ENAP accepted a binding purchase offer to sell its 49% stake in the fuel distributors Primax Ecuador and Primax Ecuador for US$312 million, to improve its financial situation.
In Ecuador, in December 2005, Shell Ecuador signed an agreement with the Primax Group for the sale of its network of service stations, which at that time totaled 60 throughout the country. The cost was around USD 22 million.
Repsol spokesmen in Madrid reported that the agreement also included Repsol’s industrial sales in the country, commercial and logistics infrastructure, and lubricants and aviation activities. In lubricants, Repsol agreed to maintain a marketing and distribution contract with Primax, while for aviation, it agreed to maintain a technical-commercial assistance contract.
Primax’s business continued to grow and even diversified. In fact, it opened several Listo stores, with the presence of the Sweet&Coffe chain, several ATMs and the inclusion of a new fast food service supported by Pronaca products.

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