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What does it take to be an online teacher? This is one of the most frequent questions asked by professionals on the network, therefore, it is necessary to know what is the training, requirements and profile required to be an online teacher because if you want to apply for a job like this you must have the following requirements:
The processes reclusion to apply to online teacher are very simple, they require your commitment and time, because educational institutions such as UVEG and CNCI, among others, require their online teachers to handle very well the educational platforms and that you have an optimal computer management, as this will be your main working tool. Therefore, you should be prepared for the following:
Before well, most online classes are subject to the same pattern, which are loaded with images, texts and exercises regardless of the student’s personal objectives or cognitive level. Therefore, it is necessary to realize that there are many types of learners and that each of them has a particular way of learning.

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In order to submit the validation request to take advantage of the provisions of the Tenth General Provision of the LOEI, and to know if they will be able to participate in the merit and competitive examination QSM7, teachers must meet the following requirements:
Teachers who wish to enter their applications to have their information validated, may enter the Ministry of Education’s website in the section “Quiero Ser Maestro 7” / Entry of applications to apply for the provisions of the Tenth General Provision, or access directly to the following link:

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The Ministry of Education invites you to be part of the automation of services through the Virtual Services. Within a process of continuous improvement we have defined the importance of providing quality services to our citizens and get closer to them, with the use of technological tools available to the entire educational community.
Virtual Services, makes available the services that you can request through this web space, in order to generate access facilities to citizenship and meet the demand of a modern institution that is at the forefront of the use of information technology.

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Remember to do this step before taking the Autocenso, otherwise your Autocenso backup document will NOT be generated. Once you finish the Autocenso you can re-block pop-up windows to keep your computer protected.
This ministry will consider as teaching service time the work experience of teachers who maintain or have maintained a teaching load in pre-school, elementary and high school education. It will not be considered as teaching service time those positions as authorities or administrative positions.
For more information you can view and download the complete manual of the AUTOCENSO DOCENTE at the end of this publication. Also, you can subscribe to the red notification bell to stay up to date on news like this.

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