Usuario y contraseña router puntonet

por | junio 29, 2021
Usuario y contraseña router puntonet

Usuario y contraseña router puntonet

How to change wifi password on calix router

Another way to get this access address is through the IP configuration. In Windows we can access the Command Prompt or CMD and type ipconfig. Under the name Default Gateway we will find an IP address that should give us access to the router.
We will have to get the access IP to enter through the computer. It is usually or, although in each model it may be different. We can also retrieve the Default Gateway from the IP configuration or use a tool like the ones described above.

Calix router login

Logging into your router may be easy, but making your connection more secure and better is a multi-step task. To help you with this task, we are going to tell you step by step from how to access your router’s settings to setting filters so that not everyone can connect or finding the best channel to improve the speed of your WiFi.
The easiest way to check channel saturation is through an app, such as WiFi Analyzer for Android. In the case of iOS there is no app that allows you to analyze the channels, although we can also do this check from a Windows PC.

Calix router setup

For this it is necessary that we have access to the router, this is achieved by typing in the browser of our preference the following addresses. It should be noted that this depends on the brand of the device.
If this does not work you can try resetting the router, or you can contact the technician or the person who installed the equipment, as it is possible that he has modified this data. After all this you have not been able to find the information, we are going to present you a different way to get them so pay close attention.